Children room at Centrum For Alla

At the Centrum For Alla we are working together to create the cell where each person has a place,  and since children have a distinguished attention The Centrum for Alla  allocated  special care and rooms to serve and take care of  children  from  two months to thirteen years.
 The Centrum For Alla assigned  a team of volunteers to  provide all the needs and services  for children from  clothing and toys to psychological care and fun exercises.
All activities  carried out by the working team  are educational and recreational ones  that aim  to expand the perceptions of the child to integrate in the Swedish society physically and psychologically healthy.
Children room opens during Swedish language lessons and every Tuesday from 9:30 to 12:30.

We stand together

Today we are standing here together to to say No for closing the Centum For Alla, this center is like our secured home. They stand here for us and for everyone who needs help, advice or even a warm hug to keep us calm and safe. We say No for Migration Board’s actions because this organization is working hard on integration and inclusion to make us melt in the new society to rehabilitate us to cope with Swedish slandered of life We say no for closing this Center because they assists seekers for help from all nationalities and walks of life in their dealings with government agencies, health care institutions, employers, etc. We say No for closing the Centrum for Alla because It offers us humanitarian service and countless help and advice and all for free. We say No for closing the Centrum For Alla because this center is providing aid and help to more than a thousand people a month, starting from teaching Swedish language, to health care, children care. The staff of volunteers who work there stand for everyone’s need, for families’s need, for baby’s needs, for elderly help, for investing youth energies in a positive way. We say No for closing the Centrum of All because they teach us the Swedish language when we feel we are hopeless to learn it. and now many of us master it. We say no to close the Centrum For Alla because it’s a place for young to exercise their activities and exchange ideas to fill their free time positively. We say No for closing the Centrum For Alla because it’s a home to Youth Against Drugs We say no for closing the Centrum For Alla because they provide us with cloths to keep us warm in the cold winter of Sweden. We say no for closing the Centrum For Alla ..because they care for our daily need when there is no family to look after us .. We say no for closing the doors of The Centrum For Alla because they stand for us like our family.

We say No for closing the Centrum For Alla because they help us regardless our Religious and moral faith.because they are not ethically oriented .. because they deal with us as human not as a race..

Spreading our network,now CFA starting in Ljusdal

Centrum för Alla is going to launch a new branch in Ljusdal in which we will offer the following activities and help initiatives  to support  integration in all  possible ways.
One of these activities will be within six weeks in Ljusdal to provide Swedish language courses in  its (700 m2) building, where the  process of teaching  will be lead by a team of qualified teachers who will teach the SFI Curriculum.
 Centrum för Alla will open there a Clothes Section to provide people with all their needs from  Jackets , jeans , T-shirts,…etc, and for all ages from baby to elderly cloths and needs.
But why CFA is taking this big challenge ?
Because we feel it’s a MUST now to grow bigger and stronger to meet the needs of integration, to help the new comers to blend with the Swedish community faster, but after all and as Swedish it’s to share our role in humanitarian assistance.


Focus on Members of Centrum för Alla

International Communications – Million W. Haddish


Hello on a beautiful day at the start of summer here in Söderhamn, Sweden! I am Million Haddish and I will blog about myself today and my experience here at an exciting new company, Centrum för Alla, and as it says in Swedish, a center for everyone.

I started 3 months ago, doing on internship as a journalist for international media and communication strategist for the world-wide network this organisation has acquired through its works and networks. A holistic method that is the future of todays modern working approach.

I met Anna Idell, head and founder of CFA late last year after I had read an article about their work on a local newspaper in Swedish classes in Ljusne. I came for my own reasons, wanting help with a personal issue and she met me with kindness and a warm smile, I knew right then and there I was with the right person. She took me to her cozy office and silently heard my story with open ears. We had a lovely conversation and I left her office with good spirits and not feeling alone anymore in a what was a strange and new world for me.


I come from Eritrea, a small country on the horn of  east Africa by the Red Sea. Being born and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, I didn’t really see my native land for the first time till I was 15 years old. I had the opportunity through my hard-working parents to go to private schools while I was in Riyadh and attended various schools run by Americans and other expatriate communities there. As a child I loved to read books and encyclopedias, I was called the bookworm and the teacher’s pet by some of the kids.

I continued my education in newly independent Eritrea and finished a correspondence Associate degree course in Business Information technology from a UK university. I started working as a journalist and program producer for Eritrean Television where I was stationed at the English and Arabic sections. I also hosted a popular youth entertainment show called, ‘Hot Tracks’ and was a household name by then!

Having worked for 12 years as a national service member for the government with no pay and encountering a multitude of abuses, torments and imprisonment for the person I really am, I decided to finally flee and escape out. It was a long a dangerous journey across many lands but I ended up in Sweden, where I already had two established sisters living in the south, Kalmar.

After a long waiting time and problems along the way I got my final permanent status just recently in Sweden and I am beyond the moon with joy and excited to start a new and prosperous life in my newly adopted country. I hope to once again work in Television and Radio in Sweden and also be an activist on social issues. Mastering the language is my top priority as well.

Which brings me back to Centrum för Alla. Getting this experience has really been an eye-opener for me, I have learned a lot of things along the way. I know now that I am a social person, I am not shy, I like helping people, I like doing a multitude of tasks all at once. . .but most of all, I have learned we are all the same, we may be different in many ways but we all have the same feelings and looks inside. . .

The future can only get brighter. I thank everyone for this opportunity, I wish love and friendship with them forever!







The People’s daughter – Part 5

As a journalist I have been taking a look at Centrum för alla, what it is, what it does and who are the people behind its success. As part of my focus on members of CFA, I tried to give an essence of everybody here, the people that are the core of the organization.

So that I and everyone else can know more about them and what drives them. Today, finally in one of my last installments of the series I have the queen herself, Anna Idell, which is not only the main chief and founder of Centrum för Alla but is the direct manifestation of this company.

It’s her dreams, thoughts, visions, tears and energy that has taken form into what we see today. It has been a pleasure being by her side and taking in a bit of who she really is, going inside the mind of someone truly unique and different.

Now without further ado here is our very candid conversation with her. Anna gives a voice to everyone it seems, time to give her own! After all, who can better to explain about her and her ideas than herself? Our last part –

Part 5 Giving meaning to our lives

Editor: What are the upcoming projects for CFA in the short and long-term? What is the vision for this place?

Anna: My vision in the short-term in Centrum för Alla is to interact harder with those people that already working with us. We can always improve our communication lines with them and do better. These past years CFA has been up and running in Söderhamn, I feel we are today 100%. Where we are supposed to be. It give me a nice feeling of satisfaction. We have many people that cooperate with us, pretty fluidly, so we can definitely improve.

10289992_10153553787406748_3609847677029949238_n (1)

In the long-term, we have much to do. Our plan is the raise Centrum för Alla all over, both in Sweden and internationally.

It doesn’t necessary have to be exactly like this place, a physical one but the holistic model of integration. I like to get gather people who have passion for this kind of work. For instance if someone comes and asks me how should this be done Anna, then I like to say, I don’t want to tell you how it should be done, I want us all to give our own values into it. Put our own passion into the bucket.

We can make something out of that. What I say and what I think is not the only way. It is all of us who will make this. So for me it is important in a long term when it comes to CFA to actually have that holistic model with many different kinds of people working, including other companies, organizations, regional municipality and others. After that, build bridges internationally so we can cooperate.

That is my vision in the long term. But what is long term for me might not so long for others. A long term for me would be maximum 3 years. To be honest we really don’t have the time. Every second we are sitting down here talking here in this room we have children dying, youth doing terrible actions, don’t even mention the grown-ups that are behaving so badly in many kind of ways. We have old people suffering in a bad way, we don’t have the time to take a decision for the decision which might be a decision in 10 years. We have to act now!

Editor: So now lets move away from Centrum för Alla. What do you do in your time away from here, from work and your profession life. Who is Anna at home?

Anna: I really love to decorate, yes and I make my own designs by creating candle holders using glass. I also do wall decorations. When I am doing things like this I am using creativity, I am not using the half of my brain that does problem solving but the one that is dealing with art.


I am totally in the here and now. My brain is just working with the forms and the colors to make the beauty of it. Trays for cakes. That is what I do if I have free time, I create things for my home. I also like to paint and draw, and when I am not doing that I am reading. Put a book in my hand, and I disappear from the world. I had always been like that, oh Anna is in her reading bubble‘ people would say when they see me. I don’t even hear sounds. I think it is good, you let your imagination create a reality. That is why I don’t like watching movies made from books. I read this book once, Molly and me, about this couple who buy a dog, the woman in a relationship suggested that she would like to be a parent. So she wanted to see if they can handle raising a dog. Then they would be able to have a child of their own. I was on vacation, reading this book to Egypt, and I laughed and cried the whole trip, esp in the end because it finished too fast for me. Needless to say, I didn’t see much of where I was vacationing because of that book!

Sometimes I like to lay down on the sofa and watch movies but not a lot since I don’t have the time.

I love to spend time with my friends as well, cause I love them very much. My time is very limited, all the time. Those friends I have in my life understand that and even if I don’t keep in touch they know when we do get to meet we can enjoy ourselves.

I love cooking food, I am a foodie, I think we should all cook food together and spread the joy!


I love to spend time by the sea. That is where I get all my energy. It is a place to live and be. I love to be there. . .

Editor: Don’t you sometimes wish you had a clone?

Anna: Yes, I need 5! One of the things I don’t like people saying to me is Anna you have to slow down, you need to take care of yourself. I know it is coming from a place of love. But you know, if more people put in more of an effort then I would not need to work so much and that is the main problem I think. I don’t like people around me to have too big egos. Selfishness is a character I also don’t like as well.

Having an ego is good, to a certain limit. For instance, how can people feel good with themselves when they buy a car for half a million kronors, when we have people who can’t even afford to put food in the stomach. For me it is impossible to understand and drive that car and feel good about yourself. When did we become so selfish? How did it happen?

Of course I think people should have money, they can have the entire money in the world, do whatever you want. But if you have so much money then just share a little bit for someone else who might not be so lucky. For me it is very simple to share. Come on, look at Centrum för alla. If I was selfish like that then I would be doing another thing. Over here we are giving, sharing, to be bigger and stronger together. And we are, I think we are beautiful.

Editor: Final thoughts?

Anna: I have seen it all. I am so grateful that I am having this experience from life. Do something that many people said was undo-able, and we made it. But at the same time it is unfair to say we are done. I want all of us to do things together from the heart that is good for all of us. I want to see more and more people interacting together. . . There is much to say about CFA, but some good news is coming up pretty soon. . . we are laying the foundations for the pipelines to expand further, physically I mean, very soon.


Helping people have value in their lives is our core principle and we are going to do that more and more every day. . . .

Editor: Thank you Anna for giving some of your precious time. Great to be en-lighted more by you, lots of love!

The People’s daughter – Part 4

part 4 – Lessons from my father

Focus on members of Centrum för Alla

Anna Idell – Chief and Founder

Anna: I have had help with the way I think today. I got an education and the tools necessary to be like this. Especially from my father. . . . Åke Idell


He actually raised me like a son. I realize now when he is gone, the last six months of his life, where he broke me down several times. I was crying so bad. I was sitting home, thinking why, why is he so hard on me? Why is he treating me so bad? Is there something wrong with his mind or is it because he is so sick? I realized afterward he was grooming me to become a soldier, he was making his last performance as a teacher and I was doing my final examinations. Checking to see if I could take it, making me ready for the outside world. Training me to fix life. He did it by love.

It was not in his nature to be like this. He had pushed me into tight corners so hard I was going to splatter all over the wall. I was made to answer many questions to prove to him that I was good enough to do different kinds of things. He broke me and helped lift me up again.

The whole experience changed me for good. A lot of mental pain, but I actually got strong by it. So no matter what I could encounter after that, whoever, whatever, I would really not give it any value nor let it affect me. The person that I love the most had trained me for the hard world outside.

10690329_10152508375256748_2010667257106623413_n (1)

Editor: A lot of tough love that came your way. . .

Anna: He once said to me if you can’t handle this and just cry then you need to pack your bags and start going back home and never come back.

Editor: That is hard to hear from your father!

Anna: Of course I had cried my eyes out, it was a war! But I got stronger and stronger by the day and got closer to him. That is a really good leadership. I understood right away, I knew he would never leave my side. It was what came out of this, a hard school.

Love is the most valuable thing in your entire life, but it does not mean you are soft all the time. Loves means that you are really tough and hard to get the best out of it. It should be in equal portions, soft and hard love, then you have it all.


This is so funny, I have to tell you. We started this company, I was the chairwoman of the board and we had this meeting, my father was also sitting on the board. And this was when he had about two months left to live, but of course I did not know it then. He was very dynamic in the meeting, very powerful even if he was so sick, there was no doubt who was in charge of the meeting! He always said that I don’t have to owe one single stock in the company, all of you will know I run the show. And that was how it was. No one ever questioned him.


His charisma was already there when he showed his presence. He was also such a loving man, I felt so safe with him. Anyways, when the meeting started he had said he wanted to make some changes, in the board. I asked him what kind of changes he wanted , he said, ‘Anna you are the chairwoman of the board but I think it is best that I have that position.’ I asked why, and he replied, ‘well I have much more experience in these matters’ and further explained why he was more suited best for that position. But then I said you can show yourself out, if you want it so bad then you can take this freak show for yourself, I want no part in it, I will leave! He started to laugh then, he said that this was the shortest career of his life! (laughs) Then I understood that it was just a test he put on me.


I am so thankful and love him for that and many other experiences he gave me in my learning process. What he did for me created who I am today. Until the day I die I will be so grateful of that ‘hell’ I endured with him.

To further continue this point of my education with my father is the following. He taught me many good things. There are the 3 golden rules in life, stick to them and you will manage fine.

First, never, ever lie. Because then you don’t have to remember what you said!

Second, never think you are more clever than someone else, cause one day another son of gun will show he is better than you and then you are done for.

Thirdly, buy for 1 kronor and sell for 2. Make a profit. . .

These are the simple rules on how to live from my father. I live for this. Always be honest, never think you are better than anyone else and make a profit.


Åke Idell’s strong spirit and charisma still lives strong with Anna and her family, as well as in Centrum för Alla ❤ . . . 

Editor – Our last installment of Anna Idell’s interview will be published soon, 

 Part 5 – Giving meaning to our lives

The People’s Daughter – Part 3

Part 3 (Serving as a bridge for all)

Focus on members of Centrum för Alla

Anna Idell – Chief and Founder


Editor: What has CFA achieved so far?

Anna: We have actually build bridges so fast that other people had thought it was impossible to do this. We proved them wrong and showed how to make it happen in reality. I have let so many people go so fast, fast through those bridges, if those bridges were not here these people would of been still and waiting in bad situations. But CFA allowed for these pathways to occur and let the people come cross over and get the right help.

Another milestone for CFA is many people who felt they were alone and never listened to suddenly had their own voice back and were able to face the issue head on that was so elusive to them. When you feel someone is actually listening to you, you count somewhere, in here (Anna touching her heart) anything that happens here, you feel safe in the situation you maybe be having cause someone will help you. And if you felt frustrated and totally isolated before, you feel you have some togetherness. When you have that, it feels better for you.

So that is what we have done, I have, in so many cases that I can prove, so many names, different kinds of genders, ethnicity, age, religion, it doesn’t matter. We have done it in every area you can just imagine.’

Editor: You have seen it all. . .

Anna: I have seen it all. . . I have been working with the speed of light, I am not kidding you! That also means I have come in the direct line of fire from resistant part of society as well. I have taken a lot of negativity. Many people have tried to scare me off in different kinds of ways, people that have a lot of power tried to make me scared and intimidated. They worked against me so I would lose my passion.


But you see, it is the contrary. The more they hit me, the more empowered I get. It feeds my energy to move ahead. Cause if I stop, how can we ever have some improvement?

Then I would of just said they were right, all you people who are isolated and outside you can continue being the way you are, whatever. I would be a coward if I took a step like that, and that is not who I am nor for what I stand for.

Editor: So bureaucracy is not a problem for you? Red-tape? To get some of your projects through.

Anna: What I am doing right now is quickly identifying the right person, at the right level, to open the right door for me when I need it. In my world I sometimes feel frustrated and it might take time but if you ask someone else it is really fast. People that are in the position of power, in different kinds of areas also have another perception of the reality around them, what needs to be done, what needs to be fixed.

I love them, cause they make it happen, I really love them. One day Million, I will write a book. And I will absolutely let the world know how who made this possible. Because it is all about making a stand for something and move ahead even though you know the people will freak out or get crazy when you are doing something or changing the normal cycle of procedures of the system.

10338565_10154008256728735_2471911835381158346_o (1)

People like to have the same thing, cause they feel safe when they have this box. They know exactly what is within it. But if someone takes that away then they will show their opposition! Many do get scared, saying what will happen now, what will be my role in this, I don’t know if I can do this. But if you have strong leaders reassuring their constituents that it can be done then we can do anything.

And that is what these leaders I am interacting with are doing. They are making things happen in a very fast way in a system that is slow and guarded at best

Editor: This maybe the edge you have against other companies then, that is your secret? Also taking it at a personal level as well.

Anna: You are correct, I am on a grassroots level and reaching to all the way up to the top. I walk the fields with the people, I will never leave my position because there is where I am needed. For me, if we look at the society, we are classifying everything we see, everything we do, everyone we meet. I have trouble with that, I can not see it like that, a type of caste system I do not believe in cause first and foremost we are people. I am proud to walk with the people, I want to be with the people. And they are the ones that are living in the grassroots level and all the way to the very top.

11041444_10152939475731748_7224786660328918080_n (1)

The people trust me, they come to me and tell me the reality. I can get the beat of the people on the streets outside. I use that information and push it in the corridors of power, cause I want them to know, this is what I want to deal with, this is what we need to do, this is how it looks like.

Yet again we are serving as a bridge, but this time around for the information to pass through. I will always be with the people, no matter what. People come and ask me about titles and I think it is silly, you can call me Donald Duck if you want. (laughs)

Cause I know who I am

I know who I am. Why is it so important for us to classify? To put titles so we can become someone. I think it is silly.

I think that is the key. People really need me. They understand, they feel it. I am one of them. You know I have been told that they call me, ‘The daughter of the people’ I was so happy when I heard that. It was some young boys that called me that.

Yes it is true. But that is what I mean by all of this, we are all daughters and sons of the people. If I must have a title then I thought that this is the most beautiful way to describe someone. The daughter of the people.


Editor: So do you recommend this kind of approach to other lets say business leaders? I believe your working style is not common in Sweden.

Anna: Well both yes and no! Because what you have to understand is that when you are interacting like I am with. . . well, how do I put this humbly? I take a lot beating sometimes from people in different levels afraid of change, like I said earlier and actually fear me cause I am doing so much so fast and this is not what they are used to and say this is impossible. Time and time again I am showing them that it can be done.

It does take a lot of patience though. You really have to have it in large quantities. And you have to put up with so much negativity. To be honest I would not wish that on anyone.

But on the contrary then I would say, yes I would like all people to be like me. If we are able to interact with each without having a big ego or saying this is my space or this is your space. We are just interacting and helping out. If we put our heads into it we can do whatever we want to.

The thing is the world is just not there yet. I wish it could be there now, but it isn’t. Fortunately I am seeing this change everyday, more and more people are going that direction.

For instance, many times people are searching for others that make mistakes, why are they doing that. They should search for the ones that are strong and making the right decisions. It is a negative way to act. If you want to have improvement in the environment around you, the first change you make is with yourself. Always, I have worked so much on myself, so much so that I had broken down many times. Everytime my thoughts start to stray towards the negative I hit myself and say, Why are you thinking like this Anna, What is wrong that you are being this way, a pessimist. Cause that is not me, I am a positive person. And then I go into myself, like a trigger in myself. There must be something wrong with me, not that person.


I actually thank a person that has caused me to think in a bad way cause it starts a trigger that I should work on myself. And that is what I have been doing these past 5 years. I am working on myself, its important. When I get better I can do better things. And that is what Centrum för alla works with. We have a lot of people here that have been doing a lot of bad things in there past. I don’t look at it like a mistake, I love every bad thing they have done. If you learn from the mistake, it will be the best education in life ever. If they want to have a better tomorrow and start to work with themselves. I have so much social keys in this house that works cause they know what they are doing as they themselves have been just like that.

Another important lesson is not to judge what you see. Why?! Who am I to judge you? That is the beauty of life, we are all not perfect, not even close. That is the beauty in it. And if we all start to think that all the bad things are a good thing then we will all lay down and just laugh together!

(Big laughs)

Editor: I guess part of the reason is we are running away from ourselves. Lets start with me then!

Anna: I have had help of course with this kind of thinking. I got education and the tools necessary to be like this. Especially from my father. . . .

Editor: Part 4 Continues soon. . . .Lessons from my father

The People’s daughter – Anna Idell (Part 2)

Focus on members of Centrum för Alla

Anna Idell – Chief and Founder

Part 2 We must stand for the children

As a journalist I have been taking a look at Centrum för alla, what it is, what it does and who are the people behind its success. As part of my focus on members of CFA, I tried to give an essence of everybody here, the people that are the core of the organization.

So that I and everyone else can know more about them and what drives them. Today, finally in one of my last installments of the series I have the queen herself, Anna Idell, which is not only the main chief and founder of Centrum för Alla but is the direct manifestation of this company.

It’s her dreams, thoughts, visions, tears and energy that has taken form into what we see today. It has been a pleasure being by her side and taking in a bit of who she really is, going inside the mind of someone truly unique and different.

Now without further ado here is our very candid conversation with her. Anna gives a voice to everyone it seems, time to give her own! After all, who can better to explain about her and her ideas than herself?

Part 2 We must stand for the children

Editor: We are now currently in the premises of Centrum för Alla, as we all know its an integration organization but a lot more as well. And you are the founder. . .So how did all of this start?

Anna: Well it all started with one person calling me, asking for help. It was concerning children in Söderhamn municipality that were victims of bullying. I had wondered in what way could I help and I was given some different ways or alternatives to finding a solution. And I am the kind of person that if you come and tell me something, I don’t judge the words you are saying and put some values behind it. Like lets say a journalist would do, I would search for the truth in different directions and the reasons behind it.   


So what I did was make different calls to people I knew from my personal network, a school principal, 3 teachers, and one that worked with special needs children, since they knew me personally they felt confident enough to tell me what really was going on with the situation in the schools. What I actually found out was that the situation was much, much worse than was discussed.

I was told that all their years of training for the job had not really prepared them with what was the reality of the school system. There were many different reasons and circumstances at play, like the teachers didn’t have enough time for all the kids in class as an example. So after calling and checking with the necessary people, we discussed to have a meeting place to build opinions and awareness of the problems at hand. Everyone should be involved, we should be the faces and voices of the children. We worked with this for a couple of months in the beginning of the year. I got the opportunity to talk with many people that had concerns about it, adults and children alike.

What I found that was that there were a so many reasons why children were bullied. It could be because you are poor, that you have parents that are addicted to alcohol or drugs, their social skills might be underdeveloped, it could be because you identify in a different sexual orientation, whatever it is, so many different kinds of reasons. So what I did was make this newsletter and I pushed it out on the 6th of June last year. I wanted people to know what was happening.


The reaction was amazing, people started calling me from all over Sweden. From Söderhamn, telling me so many reasons, painful stories on what their reality was, how they were living their lives. They felt very excluded from the society. So then and there I realized we needed a Centrum för Alla, we needed a place which is a meeting place for all people to interact with each other.

Why divide and isolate people?

This is what this organization is all about, a big meeting place where everyone and anyone can meet up and help each other out and be stronger. The pain is the same for all of us. Its just different types of matters why we feel that way.

You know when you have this tremendous pain inside of you sometimes can’t put words to describe it and you don’t want to put your face out there either. Then you need someone else to do it for you, for the opinions to change for the better. I did just that, used my face and personality for all the victims to speak out. I interacted into the society, into all the corridors of power and had it all interact.

Editor: So can I say you were an ambassador for all those bullied children?

Of course, even for one second I didn’t stop being so cause it is very hard work and they needed me. I met a lot of people, some were resistant, aggressive sometimes. . .and I am talking about the adults, not the children. TIt was so cause it was sensitive and dealt with hard issues.

Editor: So take us back, before where we are today. CFA was based where? In a smaller office, was it your home?

Anna: From the very beginning I had a small office. People were calling me, messaging, I was working as fast as I could. This was in August, just two months after the event. I put a group together with the aim of having a centrum för alla. I was told that this was a beautiful idea, when do you want this to be done, I was asked. The deadline was made for December and I was told that was impossible!


By January we entered the new premises, about 1200 sq meter area in total. I saw immediately the vision I had for all the space we had. I looked at what we were missing, what was needed and pieces of the puzzle started to take shape.

Beautiful and cozy meeting rooms that actually looked like living rooms with sofas were needed to create a conducive atmosphere to meet in. Calm and nice energies must be felt when you come in there. Not like a hospital where it can be a cold environment.

Even if we touch on the difficult issues in life it should be done in a soft space. That is what happened, I saw it here.

So like a puzzle I put all the issues together and then it got build with many living rooms, meeting spaces, classrooms cause we need education as well and so on.

Editor: So the vision became a reality as we see now. And the name itself? How did that come about.


Anna: First we had another working name from the start. It was ‘education about all equals’. Cause in my world we are all equal, that is always my thinking. But after I had gone through all the spaces we had, walked the floors, I realized that this was a center for everyone. I could see people interacting with everyone, in different capacities, the vision was there. So that is what happened and we renamed it, Centrum för Alla, a center for everyone!

And that is how it should be for all of us. Everywhere should be like that. Not just a physical place here in Söderhamn but countries, places its for all of us humans, very simple in my world. . .

Editor – Our blog continues in our third installment, Part 3 (Serving as a bridge for all)

‘The People’s Daughter’ (part 1)

‘The People’s Daughter’

Focus on members of Centrum för Alla

Anna Idell – Chief and Founder

Part 1 – Understanding the world as a child

As a journalist I have been taking a look at Centrum för alla, what it is, what it does and who are the people behind its success. As part of my focus on members of CFA, I tried to give an essence of everybody here, the people that are the core of the organization.

So that I and everyone else can know more about them and what drives them. Today, finally in one of my last installments of the series I have the queen herself, Anna Idell, which is not only the main chief and founder of Centrum för Alla but is the direct manifestation of this company.

It’s her dreams, thoughts, visions, tears and energy that has taken form into what we see today. It has been a pleasure being by her side and taking in a bit of who she really is, going inside the mind of someone truly unique and different.

Now without further ado here is our very candid conversation with her. Anna gives a voice to everyone it seems, time to give her own! After all, who can better to explain about her and her ideas than herself?


Understanding the world as a child

As I tried to follow Anna on her day to day activities, it was a bewildering experience to say the least! For example today she is having meetings with political heads from the municipality, yesterday it was separate meeting with a new LGBTQ group to be formed as well as newcomers to Sweden from that community trying to find different accommodations and adapting to their new situation. Running around with her I decided I didn’t need to enroll into a gym, I am getting all the physical and mental exercise right here with Anna!

Editor: Welcome Anna Idell to our International Media office. Great to have you and finally we get to talk with the queen herself after focusing on other members of Centrum för Alla. We got to know everybody and what they were doing and now we get to the real treat. For our international readers can you tell us who you are and describe yourself, who is Anna Idell?

Anna:- Thank you Milly! Well, I am 41 years old, living in Söderhamn with my son, Phillip. I have two dogs and 4 cats. I really love animals, ever since I was a little kid. My father always said, when I was little child, “Anna you can’t be the entire world’s Florence Nightingale‘,” cause if I find a sick animal, even if it was just an injured bird, it didn’t matter what it was, I brought it home. It’s true, I even had frogs, everything that needed to be taken care of, I brought it home. Poor, poor Mama and Pappa that had to deal with this! (laughs)


Editor: So by nature you are a loving person, even when you were little.

Anna: You know when I was just 7 years old, I got diagnosed with diabetes and that meant I spend a lot of time at the hospital at that young age. Every time I went there the doctor taking care of me, would say, ‘oh here is the entire hospital’s sunshine, the sun is coming home again!


I have always been like this, love and happiness is the values I lived with since I was very little. Of course, it also meant a lot of pain growing up as well, as you know the world is not always kind and beautiful all the time. It can be a cruel place, but I recognized that very early on. Like, how people isolate others from their circles and I didn’t like it, even then at that early age.

For instance, if I saw children being bullied at school I always invite them to join me and take part in anything I was doing with my friends. And many times my friends would say ‘we can’t be with that person, she smells funny or that person is dressed in outdated clothing and so on, and I really didn’t understand why they would exclude them like that. I would tell them that is so mean!

There was one particular girl I remember, they were especially mean to her. So I brought her to my home and showed her my closet and said, ‘here, be free and take whatever you want to’ and she said, ‘what?!’ and I was like, ‘Yes, you should have something else different, I can understand that it is not fun for you all the time with what you have. And then she said that it was painful and hard for her since they were 7 to 8 children in the house and the only clothes she got was ‘hand me downs’ from her older siblings.

That was the reason she didn’t have stylish clothes that the kids around her wore, cause her parents couldn’t afford to get her new ones.

Editor: How old were you then?

Anna: I was about 9 or 10 years old then. But I understood right away that this was not right, I felt the pain of her and also understood why the other kids noticed her difference.


Editor: We have a lot bases to cover but the story you are telling me from your childhood is important and if we fast-forward to today where you are personally working on projects with children being bullied in schools, it really is a personal matter as you were a witness to it at a young age and felt the sensitives around it.

Anna: Yes of course! I still remember it like yesterday. When I see the world around me and how others interact, how they actually divide some people because of the way they acted or dressed or something else, I didn’t like it then and most certainly don’t like it today.

But to get back to who I am, its very hard to explain but simply put, I love life, every second of it cause I truly believe we are the creators of our own reality and I created every bit of mine. I enjoy living life, that is what I do every day. I love animals, I love children and people. I love life. So pretty much I am a happy person!


Editor- We will continue tomorrow with ‘The People’s Daughter‘, Part 2 – “We must stand for the children”.

A new branch being opened soon!

Breaking News!!!

Anna Idell, founder and head of Centrum för Alla, had been happy to announce on the 20th of April that the business will be expanded with an additional branch that will be opened in another municipality.

The new establishment will have an area in excess of 700 m sq. Which municipality will it be inaugurated? Well that exact location will be revealed in a press release soon when all the necessary processes are finished and will be done in conjunction with the inauguration of the new unit.

It is an incredibly good news when Centrum för alla will be able to work twice as wide and far greater cooperation for a successful integration for all of us. It is worthy to note that there had been many requests from different parts of other branches of Center for Everyone to be opened and here is a dream come true for all.

We would like to extend a special warm thanks to you who have supported the organization through the years and still gives us support. It is through collaboration that all integration is possible. Hug heartfelt thanks and gratitude to everyone involved!