Month: October 2015

Donations pouring in from well wishers




We are back again to express our profound gratitude on the huge amounts of donations being made by well wishers to our centre. Our clients continue to express gratitude and the staff is indebted to the well wishers as they help make their job easy by these donations.

We are back again to express our profound gratitude on the huge amounts of donations being made by well wishers to our centre. Our clients continue to express gratitude and the staff is indebted to the well wishers as they help make their job easy by these donations.

Today, Thursday 22 November 2015, We received more than three buses full of warm clothes, regular clothes and children’s clothes at the centre. People walking in the street had to jump in and help staff to unload clothes from the buses into the storesymbol-cmykroom.

Our clothes stocks had depleted and we made an appeal for more donations and as usual we are happy to note that we can count on the community of Söderhamn to give with open hearts. Again, we send our heart of love to you all.

Centrum för Alla beneficiaries gave heartrending testimonies in Bollnäs

Anna Idell stressing a point in Bollnäs

Anna Idell, the founding chief of Centrum för alla, gave an inspiring lecture at Förskolan in Bollnäs yesterday. Idell, whose organisation is currently working under immense pressure due to rapidly rising numbers of clients daily, spoke about the need to find the humanity and help those in need.

She quoted the UNHCR which states that the ”number of forcibly displaced (people) worldwide (is): 59.5 million” 

”The world is moving and immigration is become more and more a reality therefore as communities and countries we need to start adapting”, she said. She also added, ”60 million people is a big number. The number of people on the move cannot be ignored, we have to do what we can, together”.

19 year old Karam Hosni shared a moving testimony about his life and journey to Sweden.

At the same event, nineteen year old Karam Homsi shared a moving testimony on how he left his life, family, education and dreams in the hope to stay alive. Karam, who is currently being mentored at Centrum för Alla, spoke passionately about the dreams and love he shared with his girlfriend. His testimony left many in tears.

Of note was the critical point he made about refugees,”We are just human beings like you. I was a mechanical engineering student, a member of the Syrian Astronomy Association and a volunteer for a charity. I closed my home, left my own room and said goodbye to my family with tears in their eyes. Now I am just a case number and few stamps. We are human too. We feel pain, we love also, we get hurt and we can innovate too. We are just human beings, please give us the right to live and dream”.

Centrum För Alla joined other stakeholders to map way forward for Gavleborg at Målbildsdagen 2030 event

Anna Idell – Founder of Centrum for Alla

12029615_10153330311466748_2062134597268593824_oCentrum För Alla  joined other stakeholders at Målbildsdagen 2030, an event organised by Region Gavleborg – Sweden – to set goals to achieve by 2030.

Centrum För Alla was represented by Anna Idell, founder, and other officers from the organisation.

The event was highly interactive and provided a rich platform for networking as delegates freely mingled as they moved from one organisational stand to the other.

In addition, the event was a rich source of information sharing and learning of best practices from various organisations.

Newly born baby finds warmth at Centrum För Alla


Baby *Hassan (not his real name) was born a few months ago. His parents are asylum seekers. They came to Centurm För Alla today and they brought baby Hassan with them. The little baby had no hat on his head and he was not dressed warmly. We acted quickly and gave him formula, diapers, warm clothes and baby food.

Many babies like Hassan need the same assistance and we continue to call on Söderhamn community and citizens from other towns to continue helping us to give them a hand. Clothing is one of the most expensive items in Sweden.

We recently received some donations for baby things but our clientele has grown so big with the rising numbers of asylum seekers coming to Sweden and therefore needs to be augmented. The swelling number of refugees is because of the intensifying war in Syria and instability in North Africa.

Söderhamn rallies behind asylum seekers


Söderhamns Kommun is a shining example of positive cooperation, love and compassion. We made a call for winter clothing and in two days members of the community rallied together and donated warm clothes and shoes for adults and children. We are eternally grateful for the support.

Since previous weeks, when temperatures took a nosedive as expected, our clients have been pouring in to request warm clothes. Newly arrived children, who lost everything on the perilous journey to Sweden, came into the centre in sandals. October is a very cold month and one needs the warmest clothes during this month.

Söderhamn is setting a practical example of what it means to be my brother’s keeper.

Anna Idell, President, wrote on her Facebook, ”I asked all Söderhamn for help the day before yesterday when the kids came in with only feet in open sandals in the month of October. Last night we got all this (second picture above). Söderhamn immediately acted.
You are absolutely wonderful.
I love the people in Söderhamns municipality.Thank you very much, sincerely”.

She also added, ”Fantastic T3 donated today 15 680 kronor to Centrum for Alla and we have purchased napkins, nappies, face cloths and baby food for the entire amount. Everything goes to the children in our municipality who have great need of our help.
It’s for the children who have nothing.
This is Söderhamn in its most beautiful care and love with the kids in complete focus.
I love, love, love you for your big hearts, thank you!

Hungarian delegation tours Centrum För Alla


Centrum för Alla was pleased to welcome a Hungarian delegation for a tour of our building and witnessing of our work. The delegation, which was led by Mayor Laszlo Fáki, Dr. Stiebel Viktória, Lang Mónika – head of the Culture Centre and Dominic’s Stephen – translator, expressed great appreciation of the work that we do. Anna Idell, the leader of CFA, led the delegation through various projects being implemented at the centre.

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