Month: January 2016

Centrum för Alla gets a visit from wise men!


Centrum för alla received a visit from wise men today! A group of retired elders from all sectors of society paid a visit to learn more about the centre’s work and to show solidarity and support for the work being done.

At Centrum för Alla, we never miss an opportunity to learn from such a wealth of experience and charisma. Centrum för alla’s chief, Anna Idell, took the group on a tour of all the three floors of the building while listening to their own contributions and remarks.

The group is seen in the picture having fika (Swedish word for tea and snacks while catching up) in the centre’s staff dining room after a tour of the centre.

Centrum för alla to host International Women’s Day panel discussion

Centrum för Alla invites you to a panel discussion on women and gender parity on the International Women’s Day, Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 12: 00-14: 00th

The theme this year aims to celebrate women’s achivements in social, political and economic spheres. We would like to see you there.

We will also offer refreshments, snacks and mingling between 12: 00-12: 20 followed by a program with three women who will speak from their own experience and knowledge in various fields. This will be followed by an open Q & A session to conclude the day.

Edinah Masanga is Journalists, women’s rights activist and gender expert from Zimbabwe

Anna Idell (L) is the Founding chief executive officer and Jonna Källstrom (R) is a gender expert specialising in transgender and human rights.



Centrum för Alla believes love and dignity are universal languages

Anna Idell with beneficiaries of the Centrum för Alla on a sightseeing trip organised by the centre  

Our centre thrives on the premise that all people are just human beings and that human beings are superior because of their ability to love. We believe that with love we are able to give each other respect and dignity.

Centrum för Alla’s chief, Anna Idell, reiterated the message today during preparations for the upcoming International Women’s Day.

”The reason why we end up with many problems is that humans sometimes fail miserably to just love one another. Loving and giving dignity to another human being are universal languages. Anyone can love and anyone can respect. I am apalled by the lack of respect for women and women’s issues.”

Reflecting on the journey of Centrum för Alla


Today the Editor of this blog sat down with Anna Idell, the founder and CEO of Centrum för Alla to trace the journey of the centre back to its inception. The interview is a three part series. Read first part below.

Editor: Anna welcome to the interview can you start by telling me what inspired you to start Centrum för Alla?

Anna Idell: Initially, at the very beginning, I was moved by the issue of bullying in schools. So I began to mobilise support from civil society, government departments and individuls to support children being bullied in schools. I wanted to do something for these children. It is in my nature that when I see any kind of oppression I get troubled. My soul hurts and I cannot sit back doing nothing about that. I realised someone had to stand up and do something.

Editor: But Anna how then did the organisation become what it is today, i mean being a centre where everyone is welcome?

Anna Idell: I realised that if we had to address the issues affecting children meaningfully we also had to confront the root causes of the problem.

The problem just doesn’t start with bullying at school. Bullying in schools is just a symptom of a wider problem. Children get bullied for many reasons for example when they cannot afford a certain lifestyle like other kids. They can get bullied for that but if you trace that problem to the root you will find that children are not responsible for their lifestyles.

Also the children who bully others have issues of their own if you look at it properly.

At the end of the day, it’s the adults who are raising those children who are responsible for shaping the children but most of the time the adults also need help themselves. So it’s an intertwined problem.

Therefore I realised that we needed an organisation which would be able to address the various forms of oppression because even though there are many forms of oppression, the pain is the same. So when you heal one part you also begin to heal the other.

As a people we need to create spaces that are inclusive for all people. And therefore Centrum för Alla was formed. That is how it came to be.

Editor: Wow. But Anna tell me, there have to have been challenges along the way. Can you share those with me?

to be continued…

Work in full swing on our first day of work in 2016

FullSizeRender (1)
Centrum för Alla leadership Joakim Izzo and Anna Idell

Our work is in full swing on the first day work in 2016. The Centre’s management met today and reiterated the need to move even more faster with integration in 2016.

The centre’s leader Anna Idell welcomed 2016 with these words, ”This year’s first day of work and we are in full swing with activities. I’m proud of everything that Centrum För Alla accomplished in 2015 and my promise in 2016 is to move much more swiftly and make even more impact. Centrum För Alla helped build bridges in 2015, which went far across national borders – this shows that everything is possible when we follow our heart and passion. Together. I’m so excited to introduce to you the new, large collaborations in the coming months. Welcome 2016-here we come.”