Catching up on Centrum för Alla

Catching up on Centrum för Alla

Its always busy at the Center, where everybody is welcome and here are some of the events that happened in the past few days. Lets see some of the highlights of a lively week. . . .

Thursday, 10-03-2016

We start off with the arrival of the furniture for the cafe for everyone at the floor level. We received our supplies late in the evening and members of the staff of Center for Everyone tirelessly carried and arranged everything together. 

Fabulous space now! Lots of pizza and falafel were at hand to give some energy to everyone!

Friday, 11-03-2016

Last Friday we celebrated the founder and head of Centrum för alla, Anna Idell’s birthday. Many guests and gifts were presented and a great chance for everyone to get together and chill out at the new cafe in the lower area of the premises.

Anna Idell said – I am touched with tears and laughter by the pouring of love from everyone. I have received so many messages by text, email, phone calls. Lots of flowers and gifts, very appreciative

Happy Birthday Anna!

Sunday, 13-03-2016

Anna works everyday for the her center and on Sunday she visited the Jedi Temple Valkyrie in Söderhamn and formally received a scholarship issued to CFA of all for the daily work that happens here. The CFA is very grateful for the recognition and the support received from the Temple.


Monday, 14-03-2016

Monday started off with renewed energy at the center, with members of the Center party having a meeting at our meeting halls upstairs.

A member of the Swedish parliament, Anders W Jonsson (C) also took the opportunity to leave us a green hand print of himself for our Wall mural of hands. The wall of hand prints represents equal values for all human beings and that we are all the same despite our size or color.

Tuesday, 15-03-2016

It has been confirmed that ‘A day for all children’ will go ahead as usual on June the 6th, occurring with the national day of Sweden. We will be working together with Söderhamn municipality. We look forward to a full day of celebration during our national holiday for both large and small people in the municipality.

This year will be a day for all children to make it a little more fun and more exciting for the kids than in previous years. We’ve started the countdown -going to be a alot of fun!



Anna Idell’s office door is open to anyone and everyone, despite her busy schedule. Later in the work day she had a visit from an older gentleman. He had come before and spoke with little English. He was sad and lonely, told her that he missed his children and had been to the hospital a number of times. What he wanted the most was time with someone that had an ear for him to listen about how he left and his life. With an open heart Anna had conversation with him let him stay with her at the office throughout the rest of the day while she also worked. I saw him leave in good spirits and it was wonderful to observe.

This is an important example of how we all need to give time and love to the people that are in need. Especially the older folks as loneliness is a major issue the older generation has. A little kindness goes a long way if we put in just a little effort.


Wednesday, 16-03-2016

We thank Bjorn Celind & Tempo Vågbro for sponsoring us with so many beautiful flowers at our cafe for youth. They are putting color in our lives and becoming so cozy here – many thanks!



Centrum för alla has had many newcomers come in need of baby diapers and formulas for children and gruel (välling) between 6 MONTHS-1 1/2 years. We are grateful for anything that can be spared. A family with one child and four months, are also looking for a baby-stroller. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help us with this and more to get our work here through.

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